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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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is a picture obtained by the abc7 news i team. one driver is just moments away from getting shot. good evening just a short time
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ago, a judge decided a tiburon doctor will not stand trial for a shooting. abc7 news is live from san rafael with the very latest on the very late developments. dan? iets been a tense six months for dr. james simon the skwuj persuaded by surveillance video showing the car being tailgated by another just moments before firing those shots i've obtained still frames from that video. after an incredibly tense six months, the decision to discharge this case was overwhelming for a 72-year-old dr. james simon. >> doctor i wonder how you feel? >> i'm so proud to be american. proud to live in america >> when you're home you don't
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have to retreat. it's more of a don't retreat case than a stand your ground case. >> last summer dr. simon was headed home in his red smart car when you cutoff a 70-year-old mortgage broker. he followed simon home. he nosed the mercedes-benz into simon's garage. simon's lawyer says he fired a warning shot but ofenton threatened i'm going to get to. and why did you follow him home? >> he is saying you said when you got out of the car i'm going to get you. did you say that? >> i have no comment >> the case is over for now. simon thanks the i team forgiving him a fair shot in the test stories
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>> i'd like to say how thankful i am and the da could refile charges and tells me he'll decide in the next day or two. hi ama. most demonstrators didn't make it into the courtroom. nothing happened the d.a.cannot charge a case until there is a complaint for a police report. as it turns out at resting agency here chp hasn't done those, not yet.
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>> i don't see chp driving up with police reports. >> one month after shutting down a freeway, dozens packed the hallway of a court house to hear charges against them. but they soon found out in the majority of the cases no charges have been filed. >> the arrest is ridiculous. >> shavonte williams was arrested and booked into jail in dublin. she says she spent 16 hours. >> they're not police reports about me. which is ridiculous i spent 16 hours for no reason. >> a number of people are here today, called into court do not have charges or a police report filed about them. >> the protest blocked a major freeway, interstate 80 for hours the chp arrested more than 200 people in berkeley and emeryville. a spokesperson for the
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d.a.'soffice told abc7 news no charges have been filed because the da has yet to receive police reports >> we have had 210 people arrested it takes time to identify identifies before we pull those reports on. we want to make sure we do a complete and thorough investigation. >> they can hang charges over us. it's not going to stop us. >> assuming the chp produces a report the da's office has one year to press charges. >> oakland's mayor is giving the police department her complete attention the mayor has been learning ins and outs of the police department since 6:00 this morning, addressing shifts in staff and went on ride alongs with officers. she would not promise to retain him long term. >> the city administrator makes
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hiring and firing decisions of the department heads i look for performance. and right now, the chief is doing a great job of reducing crime. that is what matters most to me. >> she says her priority is to increase police staffing. she will meet with police until midnight. >> california's high-speed rail made history becoming the first to break ground anywhere in the country the governor insists we can afford it the first link is a 28 mile stretch in the san joaquin valley. ultimately whisking passengers between san francisco and los angeles the current price tag is $68 billion as the governor signed a piece of track this morning supporters said we can't afford not to build it. >> for two centuries the secret of california's success has been
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our ability to make dreams a reality. this shows we can come together. in a bipartisan fashion. to plan to invest. and to build the future of the state of california. that is what we're doing today. it's essential to keep the california dream alive >> there is a new trance bay terminal in the south of market area. >> ill still has a long way to go. we went behind the scenes today to check on the progress and the construction manager says it's on time, and on budget. architects call it the grand central station of the west. work has been underway since of
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demolition. it's transforming into a hub that will serve 100,000 passengers per day. >> there are 11 different transit agencies from east bay north bay. up and down the peninsula. and on top of that when there is high speed rail. >> the goal is to skip passengers between los angeles and san francisco in three hours with stations including gilroy san jose, millbrae, and ending in san francisco's new center. the construction here fascinates the south of market lunchtime crowd.
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>> i'm very excited to see it finished. >> the transit center is designed for 100,000 square feet of retail shops. and on top of the center there is a public park. about half of them here are here in the bay area. derek turner is a carpenter from the ring area. >> the construction manager says they're on track to open for bus operations in late 2017. in san francisco abc7 news >> if you spent time outside, you probably noticed the haze the air district declared
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another spare the air day. it will be the sixth day we've had that warning. kaem back i was surprised by the cloud of pollution. it's thick and heavy and claustrophobic, on the choking side. >> haze like a dirty blanket. on a normal day you can see oakland not lately. not today. we see it building up throughout the bay area. >> the bay area air quality district is using equipment like this to test the air. and cameras to detect things you can't see with the human eye.
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like those microscopic particles about 1-25th the size of a human hair that can lodge in your lungs. dangerous to children, the elderly, people who work and play outsides and others >> anyone who has asthma copd emphysema or a common cold. >> it's been the fifth day and people are starting to take notice. >> i've been busy and you can fairly see berkeley from the bridge. >> what is needed are heavy winds or rains to clear the bad air. the question is when? >> we can get spencer to answer that question. he's up next. >> that is right, dan we don't see encouraging signs of a change in air quality, with you but the accu-weather
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forecast is in just a moment and perhaps an encouraging sign will be there. >> also tonight impending closure of the golden gate bridge and a man involved in the kind of accident they're trying to prevent. >> the beat goes on a lawsuit against a corporate company.
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>> if weekend plans you have across the golden gate bridge it will close this weekend and it begins at 12:01.
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the type of crash this will hopefully prevent. wayne? >> the bridge district knows they're going to inconvenience people and say they're going to to run across the bridge and will have passage. it is one of the famous locations if you stay long enough, much of the world passes by. tourists love the golden gate bridge but commuters know to fear it. >> could not breathe. >> if you've been around maybe you remember the collision that killed. there is no getting out of the way. >> no time to react.
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>> the district says it got more on this. >> it's not a decision to be made lightly. >> the system took 20 years partly because the lanes are more naro a standard barrier would have been too dangerous. >> if you put a two foot bare area out there, all of a sudden it's a 9-foot lane. >> just one foot wide but likely to prevent future head ones. >> this is a spring of units.
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>> allowed him to survive, marry, have a child . >> i thought half of the time would have been reasonable. but it's being done. you have to give credit for that. >> james local high schoolteacher is accused for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. he has been a history and ethics studies teacher for 21 years we have a man arrested for child pornography facing charges in impersonating a santa cruz police officer on facebook. investigators say he wanted revenge for an earlier arrest. and he distributed inappropriate pictures and is now facing
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charges >> new developments on the stabbing of a transgender woman on a muni bus this saturday. police have filed hate crime charges against the 54-year-old. in connection with the assault. the victim's partner says he was stabbed as he got off the bus. >> officers had to find firefighters to remove a can of hash oil. officers arrested one man for growing and manufacturing marijuana. >> a new lawsuit filed in court today abuses beats by dre head phones with pirating the technology. monster cable products says it
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designed the original beats head phones when it partnered with the company in 2008 accusing the musician and record producer of fraudulently receivering tie was monster and the founder and keeping their technology. >> their argument is that on paper they bought him out. in the complaint they scammed him they were going broke, then brought in a foreign corporation to buy control of the company and bought it back from them. >> the attorney says apple as not been informed. >> federal mediators agreed to step in to settle a simmering dispute at port workers.
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they have been unable to reach a deal for a contract that expires july 1st. the port said, quote, the sooner resolved the sooner we can resume the normal trade. >> turning our attention to the weather. still waiting for more rain. >> yes. temperatures near atmospheric levels. looking at live doppler 7 hd haze has been with us as air quality is going to be climbing and today and temperatures continuing to rise. points south records as well.
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so check out the haze tomorrow will be the sixth spare the air day. no wood burning is allowed on a spare the air day. it's 60s in oakland, cool in fairfield already. and the warming trend is a three-day trend peaks tomorrow. and the dry pattern now will be with us at least into the middle of next week. staggant tns and deflecting the jet stream well north meaning no rain-making systems can move at us for a while.
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overnight, clear skies so that mid to upper 40s on the coast. and forecast shows morning starts with fog that will probably burn off. and it will be milder here in the central san francisco bay area as well. highs into 60s tomorrow, highs upper 60s to low 70s, 72 in gilroy. a record high and on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s. downtown, 65 degrees. mid to upper 60s in the north
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bay and east bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. a spare the air day p, temperatures starting to moderate into low 60s inland and a dry pattern still no rain in site. still clear air. >> thanks spencer. >> up next a community plagued by mudslides. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy.
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the government granted apple more than two dozen patents. among them a phone or tablet that bends on purpose with a flexible screen. this is one of two dozen patents. apple sees it as a data collections system and apple is secret about the products. the new tablet is uncovered by a blog. >> part of a town in western washington has been evacuated because of a threat of a mudslide.
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watch what happens. >> we're just hearing more now. wow. police are telling us we have to leave so we have to take off right now. >> and watch as a house gets shoved by another slide. 200 people have been evacuated >> ford motor company involves a lincoln. they must be too close together. ford plans to redesign the
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panel. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 >> why does he seem to have trouble staying awake? >> and rent to own companies
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>> united states congress is now under republican control. vice president biden sworn in the senators on capitol hill today the senate class includes 12 republicans and just one democrat. here, you see biden swearing in mitch mcconnell, who was elected majority leader today. he secede's harry reid. here is a picture of reid in his washington apartment. he suffered broken ribs and facial bones when an exercise machine broke and suffered a concussion. >> republicans control the house as well. and john baner was sworn in for a third term but that did not happen without a fight.
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that part of the story from washington. >> john a boehner is dually elected speaker of the house of representatives >> congress's new class has been empowered for a single day. a small group of lawmakers attempted to unseat him. boehner addressed them. >> as speaker i asked and expect is that we disagree without being disagreeable. >> prior to the vote it will come down to whether or not the republican party wants to head into a new direction. >> it's a grass roots movement
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saying i'm tired of the status quo. >> this could shake confidence in a coup. another is trying to get approval for the key stone pipeline. >> we've indicated the president would veto similar legislation being considered by the previous congress. >> president obama served as host to mexico's president. both are hoping he will approve a new trade treaty. during the meeting the president appeared to have a hard time keeping his eyes open.
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he and his family just returned from high so perhaps jet lag there. >> icy roads made for dangerous driving conditions in maryland several inches of snow are expected. 30 schools will be closed because of the weather. . and there was an eight mile back up the highways in other states were littered with cars that had spun out. in michigan roads will be covered with snow tomorrow. and lake-effect snow will move up more than a foot. >> and now, the ability for rent to own companies that could install spy ware to monitor your every move. >> and yes. spy ware is can take control of
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the camera. >> the national chain agreed to a federal trade commission order prohibiting it from using rental computers to spy on consumers. >> when you're renting a computer you're not giving permission to capture all of the information including your e mails. >> another settlement.
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>> they did not notify consumers that was a main issue to rectify it. >> spy ware allows a technology company to remotely spy on the computer. >> in one case, company employee was taking screen shots of the computer owner with his wife doing things that are intimate. >> that is what happened to a former uc berkeley student victimized by an ex-boyfriend jose moreno. prosecutors talked about how he used spy ware and video cameras. he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
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>> the beginning process starts now. >> the attorney general says the investigation is ongoing. >> and declined an opportunity to comment. to see my reports online it's easy. go to abc7 and thank you, just ahead at 6:00 a supply mission to the space
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>> astronauts on the international space station are going to have to wait longer due to the launch of a cargo vehicle was scrubbed. >> yes. just moments after that,
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>> the countdown has been aborted for this morning. >> there is >> there is a little disappointment. it had things we couldn't get. >> last week a rocket exploded just seconds after launch. >> it's hard work. just weeks hater they rebuilt and sent it to space x. >> making every day into space.
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>> we ran out of condimeants so i'm looking forward to getting mustard. >> it didn't work, but reusable rockets could be around the corner. >> the real benefit is an economic one. and a factor a space shuttle in florida was a simulator here in the bay area. and they're learning how to land there >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> next projects and then some.
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a broken pipe left a san francisco general hospital wout water today.
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>> schools expected to resume tomorrow. this is self phone video taken by a neighbor that sent water gushing into the air. >> because of the drought large businesses and others are under orders to cut usage by 10%. san francisco unified has gone beyond the goal. >> public schools with wardens have been working on water conservation. they've had to find ways to be more sustainable. >> there is drip irrigation.
7:47 pm
if it's leaking you're not saving water. >> lincoln and other high schools shortened watering time. >> irrigation tests and changed nozzles. >> the rains filled the sistern and the water is used for the garden. the san francisco public utilities commission told big organizations if you want to continue to use water for landscaping have you to reduce consumption by 10%. since then schools in san francisco have dropped water consumption by 43%.
7:48 pm
>> he try to take shorter showers than usual. when brushing teeth. >> we're still trying to influence everybody to use the water bottle station >> they've talked about how their actions matter. >> despite the rain we're still a long way before being out of the drought. >> that is right. spencer? >> clear skies hazy conditions
7:49 pm
now. and mountain ranges need snow. last year had the numbers add only 39% of the time. mild and warm in the southern part of the viewing area. and here is the accu-weather forecast. another day of poor air quality. and high temperatures tapering off and there is no rain in sight for the next several days. >> thank you. >> time to turn to sports and larry beil. >> tonight baseball. >> and a milestone first time in
7:50 pm
60 years. four men voted into baseball hall of fame. the big unit and the big gaps now
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>> through absolute smoke, facing randy johnson is down
7:53 pm
right scary the livermore native was voted into the baseball hall of fame. he's a five-time cy yuck award winner. and received 97% of the vote. and other inductees, pedro martinez, just like randy johns led major leagues five times. and all 20 years in houston and tallied over 3,000 hits.
7:54 pm
for the third year former giants slugger barry bonds is the home run king. he saw his foet total go up a couple points but perceptions will have to change in order for him to get in. and mike piazza should be in. and former a's slugger mark mcgwire down to 10% of the voting. after years of suffering it's a good time to be a warriors fan. and they toyed with the thunder
7:55 pm
last night. steph curry looks like a serious mvp candidate. he can get to whenever he wants to. >> there is five games left in a season we just want to get better. and making improvement is the best in the league. into this for a long time. >> and he loved to have this one back. oh, my goodness.
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back to carlton's stick. nice backhand move. marcus mariota will lead his ducks in dallas monday night. and that is not what note vats him. >> i train heisman to win this. and yeah. i mean, this means a lot more. it's something as a team
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>> ohio state will play at 5:30 p.m pacific time and available on the launch espn app. >> thank you. join us tonight at 9:00 coming up making you think you should had a meal at 9:00 >> taking on oakland a's why a teenager is crying foul. >> programming line up with two-hour premier of marvel agent carter. we'll be back at 11:00. >> our coverage continues on twitter. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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